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Founded May 1, 1979 by John M. Howell


Incorporated October 21, 1999



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Welcome to the official website of the Mailer's Postmark Permit Club!




While the administration had faced transitionary struggles after problems in 2014, we are glad to report that we're now on course and should be rolling along at full speed by the end of June 2015. Keep an eye upon us and watch the transition - We believe you will be proud.

Please note that the moratorium on membership applications has been lifted and we are once again open to receiving new members! Download an application on the "About the Club" page and submit to join.


Did you know that you can cancel your own mail? With a free permit and an inexpensive rubber stamp, the United States Postal Service will allow you to cancel your own mail. Cancelling your own mail is fun. In addition, if you are a stamp collector, you can insure that the mail you send out has neat, properly placed and clean postmarks.


This web site will teach you how to obtain your own Mailer's Postmark Permit, how to obtain the proper rubber stamp to cancel your mail, and how to submit your mail to the post office. In addition, we'll cover the history of Mailer's Postmark Permits and show you how they have been used over the years.


The Mailer's Postmark Permit Club (MPPC) is a group of individuals who use and study MPPs. We have put this web site together to help others learn about this interesting field of philately. We welcome new members, and you'll find more information about the club and how to join in the links at the left side of the page.


We are happy to have you visit this site. If you have any problems with this site, or would like to offer suggestions for new material for this site, please contact the site manager Kyle Ebersole at kyle@californiamail.com.


Simply click the buttons on the left side of the screen to navigate the site.


Good luck and welcome to the world of Mailer's Postmark Permits!!


Here's an example of an old time MPP used by a stamp collector.


Here's an example of a modern MPP used by a stamp collector (with addresses removed).



Here's an example of a modern MPP that is commercially used (with addresses removed).